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Petr Konchalovsky Foundation, in face of its Director Alexander Konov and project manager Denis Belkevich, took part in the international conference Communicating the Museum held in Vienna on July 1-2. This annual event is established by Agenda communicating agency – one of the market leaders that collaborates with the Louvre, Tate, The Royal Academy, Victoria & Albert Museum, Guggenheim Bilbao and many others. This year Russia participated in this conference for the first time.

The conference has gathered the heads of marketing, development and PR departments from the top museums, galleries and cultural foundations. The topic chosen – Audience: keeping the old, finding the new – covered as traditional approach, as new technologies i.e. social networking, interactivity, new brand vision and fundraising relations.

That was also Vienna when the Petr Konchalovsky iPhone application was first presented. The official release of this app is expected on September 14th at the Konchalovsky exhibition opening at the Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow. The program includes the full register of the artist’s works, biography and archives, and also an interactive multimedia exhibition guide. The app is developed by Jack Patterson (London), the exhibition’s architect, and has been successfully tested by Apple Inc.

Alexander Konov: We’re not excepting the possibility of the organizers’ choice to hold Communicating The Museum in Russia in the next years. That could be a great opportunity and experience for the Russian museums who often have no possibility to delegate representatives abroad. Many of the ideas first announced during the conference could be realized in Russia even now. We believe that Petr Konchalovsky exhibition in September would prove this statement.

Denis Belkevich: The main idea heard at the conference – in 2010 museum can’t be thought as a building, but as a content provider. By ruining the four walls we’re getting the new audience ready to communicate on a new level, the new art language. Here in Russia we are to make attending museums prestigious – i.e. stylish, attractive and enriching.

Photos from the event are available on our Facebook page.

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